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 To our valued Debit Card customers of Wyoming Bank & Trust

You may occasionally receive a phone call from our Debit Card Fraud Service asking for verification of specific purchases.  These calls are based on your history of debit card purchases.  A high scoring transaction may cause an alert that could generate a phone call to you, the cardholder.

 The caller will be from the Transaction Review Department on behalf of Wyoming Bank & Trust.

  •  They will ask to verify some recent activity for debit card purchases and disclose that the call may be recorded. 
  • They may verify several transactions by asking if the purchase for $XXX.XX at XXXXXXXX are your transactions. 
  • If you are able to confirm the purchase(s) your call will end.  If you are not able to confirm the purchase(s), a temporary “hold” may be placed on your debit card. 
  • At that point you would have to speak to someone at the bank to determine if a potential fraud situation has occurred.


If the Transaction Review Department is not able to reach you by phone a voice message may be left requesting you to return the call.

 IMPORTANT – The Transaction Review Department caller will never ask you for information such as your checking account number or debit card number.

 This service is intended to identify potential fraudulent activity before it reaches your account.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns @ (307) 632-7733